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Email & Collaboration

We offer completely open source and multi-platform e-mail solutions to make the organization of communications within your company more effective.

The two web-based interfaces we offer are Roundcube and SOGo, the first is suitable for projects where there is no need to share calendars, address books, folders, SOGO is ideal for environments that need to be able to collaborate by sharing calendars, address books and folders.

Webmail interfaces, POP-S and IMAP-S protocols and full compatibility with any mobile platform are available for all solutions, each mail user is equipped with his own SMTP authenticated via SMTP-S as well as tracking of mailings to prevent abnormal mailings (in case of client infection) protecting the domain and IPs from blacklisting.

SOGo also provides native Microsoft ActiveSync support to configure all mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 with just a few clicks and can fully synchronize emails, contacts, events and activities.

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