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PEC Certified Mail

PEC certified e-mail is the e-mail messaging system that guarantees a certain confirmation with legal value of the delivery of the message to the recipient, it is comparable to the classic registered letter with return receipt.

All messages sent via PEC acquire a legal value in all cases provided for by law.
It guarantees the security of the message integrity, which cannot be altered in any way.

The sending and receiving of messages are certified by the “receipt” messages which are automatically forwarded to the sender when the message is sent and when the message is delivered.

The tracking system keeps the data for 30 months, allowing to verify and prove the sending of PEC messages in case of legal disputes.

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 185/2008, all companies and freelancers in business are obliged to file their certified e-mail address with the competent Chamber of Commerce.

All new companies are obliged to provide the PEC at the time of incorporation.
For more information on current legislation, you can consult the link to the official page of the Italian Parliament:

Certify your domain
Reception via POP3S, IMAPS
Sending via SMTPS
Email support, customer portal phone
Attachments up to 50 MB

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Domain @ / Custom domain @ 99

For Month
  • 1 GB of expandable space
  • POP3S, IMAPS protocols
  • Webmail
  • Authenticated SMTPS sending server
  • Attachments max 50 MB
  • PEC receipt notification via email
  • Lists of recipients max 50

How PEC works

  1. The sender sends the message to the recipient through the authenticated and secure SMTP server via SSL
  2. The manager sends the sender a notification of acceptance or non-acceptance of the message, based on the checks carried out on the message. The receipt shows the date and time of sending, the subject of the message, information on the sender and recipient and any causes of non-acceptance.
  3. The message is then enveloped in a new message (called "transport envelope") digitally signed by the manager and sent to the recipient.
  4. The receiving manager checks the sending manager's signature and the validity of the message. In case of positive verification, it will send a receipt of acceptance.

Certify your domain

After activating the service, the provider / maintainer of the customer's domain will have to configure the DNS servers by pointing to the mx record indicated in the service activation email.
Maintaining the redirection over time is a necessary prerequisite for the correct functioning of the certified e-mail boxes. We certify the subdomain in the PEC system by publishing it in the DigitPA Index, as required by law.

Service instructions

  • The “domains and subdomains of the Owner (end customer)”, if they are not registered and / or managed by Next Data, must have the possibility of managing the DNS for the necessary configurations;
  • The registration / transfer fee is not included in the certification cost of the domain or subdomain
  • The “domains and subdomains of the owner” must be completely dedicated to certified e-mail services and cannot be associated with any other service, such as eg. (by way of example only): web spaces, FTP spaces, etc .;
  • Certified e-mail boxes do not support Forward and Autoresponder functions;
  • The correct functioning of the certified e-mail boxes is bound to the use of the SMTP provided and the parameters that are received with the activation letter / E-Mail;
  • The acknowledgment of receipt of delivery is sent IF and ONLY IF the message is intended for a certified mailbox. (eg. if I do NOT receive any notification of delivery from the certified mailbox to a "normal" mailbox)
  • Certified mail has legal validity if and only if the messages are sent to another certified mailbox;
  • Certified mail is legally valid if and only if the SMTP server supplied with the service is used for sending.

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