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Disaster Recovery as a Service

We design and build Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions that guarantee the operation, in critical cases, of your replicated datacenter on our infrastructures

In case you suffer a breakdown, theft or disaster at your premises, the Disaster Recovery service makes your data and applications immediately available and accessible, to allow you to be operational in any situation and mode while preserving data and everything that is part of the your company's ITC assets by avoiding costly downtime.

The Disaster Recovery strategy serves to safeguard your Datastores and / or physical or virtual servers by replicating them in the datacenters that we use as Disaster recovery sites, the replication can be synchronous or asynchronous and the usability of the resources in the DR site can take place via VPN in site to site or road runner mode.

It is possible to manage, based on the availability of upload bandwidth and the size and number of servers and datastores in your company, both the RPO (Recovery Point Objective) parameter used when it is necessary to save all the system data and the RTO parameter (Recovery Time Objective) used when you are willing to lose some unsaved data.

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Protect your data
Ensure Business Continuity
RPO / RTO parameters
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Keep your data replicated and safe
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